may I introduce ARTlandya?

ARTlandya? You don’t know what it is? I’ll tell you …

You find it on an island in the Atlantic, on Tenerife and it is a museum. But ARTlandya is not a museum in the traditional sense but a museum and a world of experience with DOLLs and TEDDY bears.

ARTlandya DOLLmuseum is more than a museum, it’s contemporary dollART! We show you exclusively artistic contemporary DOLLs from the studios of the best known international artists. In the exhibition of ARTlandya we show ArtistDOLLs of more than 50 internationally known artists made of different materials like porcelain, pulp, vinyl, wax, cernit, ceramics, wood or felt.

ARTlandya is a private company and is maintained by your visit! With your entry, you support many artists in their work and contribute to ensuring that this art continues to be preserved.

ARTlandya - DOLLs and TEDDYs in Icod de los Vinos on Tenerife. Exhibitions in old canary houses in a park with flowers and palmtrees

In future we want to support again with many special exhibitions artists in whole Europe to announce themselves and her works. The MUSEUM is something that lives and remain alive!

So that this is possible we also sell some DOLLs and TEDDYs. If you are looking for some special dolls, browse through our list. If you need more information please give us a short notice by mail.