Annette Himstedt

Annette Himstedt wasn’t interested in making dolls at all. She wanted her „dolls“ to look like real children. Dolls had never meant anything for her, not even as a child. That’s also the reason why she called her porcelain dolls KINDER AUS PORZELLAN and later on her vinyl dolls PUPPEN KINDER.

Annette Himstedt wollte eigentlich keine Puppen machen, sie wollte Kinder modellieren! Mit Puppen konnte sie schon als Kind nichts anfangen und deshalb hat sie ihre Werke von Beginn an immer KINDER AUS PORZELLAN und später ihre Puppen aus Vinyl PUPPEN KINDER genannt.

„Ich liebe Kinder. Wenn sie bei mir Modell sitzen, plappern sie drauf los und helfen mir, zu einem noch besseren Ergebnis zu kommen, denn Kinder sehen sich ehrlich und ohne Wunschvorstellungen.“

Annette Himstedt

With our GALLERY of the DollMUSEUM Villach we have been authorized dealer for Annette Himstedt dolls and we bought them directly from the manufactory in Paderborn. These rare dolls we are able to offer here, are brandnew and original. We don’t trade with secondhand articles!

Mit unserer GALERIE beim PuppenMUSEUM Villach waren wir autorisierte Händler für Puppen von Annette Himstedt und bezogen alle PUPPENkinder direkt aus Paderborn. Die seltenen Exemplare die wir heute anbieten können, sind  „fabriksneu“ also neu und original. Wir handeln NICHT mit Secondhand Ware!

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We are a small, family-owned business on Tenerife in Spain. With our DollGALLERY online we give our customers a special service, by giving them a further chance to be able to buy dolls or bears from their home because it’s very often, that our visitors of our museum call us, if we have the one or other doll or bear to send it to their place.

If you live in a big city you might be able to find a shop or gallery where you could buy dolls or bears but it is not possible everywhere. So we decided to give you a chance to see and maybe buy them equal where you live. The Internet makes the world a litte bit smaller

Our DOLLs and TEDDYs are exclusively new because we don’t offer or sell secondhand products.  They will be shipped original packed and with their certificate. We have dolls from Annette Himstedt, Hildegard Günzel, Wiltrud Stein, Natalia Lebsak and some more artists in stock. If you are looking for some special dolls, browse through our list. If you need more information please give us a short notice by mail.

I hope, I am able to show the first pictures of our DOLLs in a few days – now I wish you a wonderful day, with many regards from Tenerife!

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May I introduce ARTlandya?

ARTlandya? You don’t know what it is? I’ll tell you…

You find ARTlandya on a beautiful island in the Atlantic, on Tenerife in Icod de los Vinos. Everybody who wants to experience Tenerife just outside of mass tourism, is able to find a worthwhile goal – very close to the Centre of Icod de los Vinos. The small town with its old and historic towncentre is very well known for el Drago Milenario, the Millenary Dragon Tree, which is located approximately four kilometres from ARTlandya. In Santa Bárbara, a district of Icod de los Vinos, with quiet, rural ambience, you will find ARTlandya – la Finca. It is an estate with a tropical Park and old, stylishly renovated Canarian houses with different exhibitions.

ARTlandya is no museum in the traditional sense but a world of experience with DOLLs and TEDDYs and it is unique in Europe – a museum for contemporary dollART! You see exclusively artistic contemporary DOLLs created in the studios of the best known international artists. In the exhibition of ARTlandya there are artistDOLLs of more than 50 internationally known artists made of different materials like porcelain, pulp, vinyl, wax, cernit, ceramics, wood or felt.

ARTlandya is a private company and is maintained by your visit! With your entry, you support many artists in their work and contribute to ensuring that this art continues to be preserved. In the future, we also want to support artists throughout Europe with special exhibitions and workshops in order to promote themselves and their works. This MUSEUM is something that lives and remain alive!

So that this is possible we also sell some DOLLs and TEDDYs. If you are looking for some special dolls, browse through our list. If you need more information please give us a short notice by mail.

Besides – ARTlandya is no TOY MUSEUM and no private collection of dolls of all kind. We show you the fascinating world of dollART! ARTlandya is NO dusty museum in the customary sense but dollART from today in rooms from yesterday.

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